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South Dakota Man Dies Of West Nile-Related Causes

| 09/25/2016

A second South Dakota resident has died of causes related to the West Nile virus this season. State epidemiologist Lon Kightlinger tells the Capital Journal the Butte County resident died earlier this month. He says the person was in the 70s age group. The mosquito-borne virus was first confirmed in South Dakota in 2002. Since […]

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Study Leads To Insulin Injection Recommendations

| 09/22/2016

Many people who inject themselves with insulin to control diabetes are improperly performing this vital task, according to a large new study. Based on the results, experts have crafted recommendations for people who use insulin that touch on everything from what type of needle to use to where the shot should be administered. “Insulin injection […]

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Stoptober: Number Of Smokers In England Hits Record Low

| 09/20/2016

The number of smokers in England has dropped to the lowest level since records began. Currently 16.9% of the population smoke, according to figures released by Public Health England. In England there are double the number of ex-smokers (14.6 million people), compared to current smokers (7.2 million). And last year a fifth of the 2.5 […]

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How A Hidden Tb Infection Caused One Woman’s Infertility

| 09/19/2016

A woman living in New England who had trouble getting pregnant eventually discovered that her infertility was due to a cause not typically seen in this country: tuberculosis. The 31-year-old woman had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half, but had not been able to conceive. She appeared healthy; she exercised […]

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Prostate Cancer Treatment ‘Not Always Needed’

| 09/18/2016

Just keeping an eye on prostate cancer results in the same 10-year survival rate as treating it, a study suggests. The UK researchers warned too many men were having procedures that damaged their sex life and caused incontinence. A trial of 1,643 men with small prostate cancers resulted in the same 99% survival rate after […]

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People Can Consciously Control Mental Activity Using Brain Scans

| 09/17/2016

People who can “see” their brain activity can change it, after just one or two neurofeedback sessions, new research shows. People in the study were able to quiet activity in the amygdala — an almond-shaped brain region that processes emotions such as fear — after seeing simple visual or auditory cues that corresponded to the […]

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Florida Politicians Urge Use Of Intrexon GM Mosquitoes For Zika

| 09/11/2016

Intrexon Corp said on Wednesday a bipartisan coalition of Florida politicians had urged the U.S. government to step up efforts to fight Zika, including sanctioning the emergency use of the company’s genetically engineered mosquitoes. The Florida House members, led by Speaker-designate Richard Corcoran and Democratic leader-designate Janet Cruz, have written to the U.S. Department of […]

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Forwarding the Movement of Surgical Breakthroughs With Innovative Protocols

| 09/09/2016

The medical world has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, especially with scientific breakthroughs aiding patients with anesthesia and enhanced surgical techniques. Innovative protocols are only possible, however, when professionals work closely with patients and viable samples. Consider how the surgical world moves forward with smart protocols used around the world. Partnering With […]

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