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Crossing the Gender Barrier

| 11/29/2014

While gender is commonly represented as a binary truth, it has traditionally been recognized as a more fluid concept. In the mythos of various religions, androgynous figures are often thought of as divine entities. In fact, some deities take on the roll of both man and woman coexisting in one form, such as Ardhanarisvara, of […]

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Is Plastic Surgery Right For You? Simple Things You Need To Know Before You Decide

| 11/28/2014

  If you are unhappy with the way that you look, you may be considering cosmetic surgery. With loads of celebrities turning to surgery, it is only natural that you consider it as a viable option. Before you do anything, you need to realize what a huge step surgery is. When you go under the […]

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Looking After Your Heart: What You Need to Do

| 10/16/2014

Having a healthy heart is the pinnacle of good health. After all, your heart is one of your most vital and essential organs. You need to be caring for it in a robust way. This is to ensure that you live longer and so that you are not prone to dangerous illnesses. Heart health care […]

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Chronic Back Pain: Know Your Treatment Options

| 10/08/2014

Most people experience back pain at some stage in their lives. Often, these bouts are short-lived. However, sometimes back pain refuses to go away. When it continues for more than six weeks, it’s referred to as chronic. If you’re suffering from this problem, you’ll know exactly how debilitating it can be. The important thing is […]

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Medtronic Announces CE Mark and European Launch of TYRX Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope

| 10/05/2014

Medtronic has received CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark for the TYRX Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope. This innovative mesh envelope covers an implantable cardiac device to help stabilize the device after implantation and reduce surgical-site infections. The efficacy of the previous generation, non-absorbable TYRX Antibacterial Envelope* has been shown in three published studies, with new six-month follow-up data […]

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The Most-Common Age-Related Problems: Explained

| 10/03/2014

As your body ages, you may suffer from many different health problems. Over time, problems can get worse and cause you pain on a day to day basis. It is vital that you look after your health during your golden years. Doing so will mean that you feel better in yourself and can do more […]

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Vaccines: Medical Marvels Or Just Plain Miraculous?

| 09/23/2014

It’s no secret that someone, somewhere will become ill each day. As babies, our immune systems need to learn about bacteria so that our bodies can learn how to put up a defense against them when we’re older. There have been studies to prove immune systems are bad at fighting infections if our bodies weren’t […]

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Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon Introduces Serious Skin Care Line

| 09/15/2014

Tired of walking up to the skin care counter only to be overwhelmed with too many options and not enough help? Most women and some men have felt this way at least once. In the middle of all the pretty packaging and catchy names is little to no knowledge of product ingredients or skin conditions […]

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