Pregnancy health
Pregnancy health

Pregnancy health is the major issue for a woman during or before getting pregnant, Your health should be maintain before and during pregnancy. This is much important for you and your baby’s life.

Healthcare providers suggest that a woman who is looking to become pregnant should see a healthcare provider so you can ensure that you have a good health for your pregnancy. The following are the steps or tips you should take for your pregnancy health:

  • Arrange for healthcare provider at start
  • Maintain folic acid supplements and have fish during pregnancy
  • Organize your diet plan during pregnancy
  • Plan for regular exercise habit during pregnancy
  • End your alcohol intake during pregnancy
  • No more Smoking and caffeine during pregnancy
  • Maintain resting habit during pregnancy

Arrange for healthcare provider at start

Healthcare provider is much important step for you and your baby’s health during pregnancy. Having healthcare provider at start will may results your pregnancy health complication free. You have to select midwife or healthcare provider early so that proper pregnancy care is available to you.

Maintain folic acid supplements and have fish during pregnancy

Folic acid is the only supplement that is most important for you to maintain your pregnancy health including your baby’s health, folic acid prevent the neural tube defects in your baby.

The most common defect in your baby due to insufficient level of folic acid is spina bifida, spina bifida is a serious condition which occurs when the central nervous system failed to close tube housing properly and rise the severs disabilities in the baby. If you are planning for the pregnancy, healthcare providers advise the daily intake of folic acid should be at least 400mcg from the conception time till first 3 months of your pregnancy.

Folic acid can be taken through additional supplement or you can have it in your food from fortified cereals and vegetables. There are other important minerals that are also required for your pregnancy health and your baby’s health is calcium and iron.

Fish is also an important food for a good pregnancy health and also your baby’s health because it contains minerals, vitamin D, proteins and omega-3 fatty acid, these are required for the growth and development of your baby. Research found that omega-3 fatty acid have positive effect on your baby’s birth weight, development of brain and nerves system.

There may be a risk of having mercury pollutants in the mackerel, herring, salmon and sardines fish therefore, you should not have these types of fish more than twice a week. You can have all other types of fish with no restrictions. If you don’t like to eat fish you could have fish oil supplements (retinol free).

Organize your diet plan during pregnancy

Organizing your diet plan is not like tones of work, in simple words during pregnancy keep your diet same just increase 200 calories intake per day. You don’t need to eat much in your pregnancy.

The most important in your diet plan is that you are eating a well balanced diet in which major portion should be vegetables and fruits, carbohydrates from bread and rice and protein from meat, egg, nuts, fish, milk and dairy foods.

Plan for regular exercise habit during pregnancy

Proper exercise give you the you the potency and stamina that is required to sustain the weight you gain in your pregnancy including to handle the physical stress and pain of labour. Another benefit of exercise during pregnancy is that, it helps your body getting back into the shape after your baby is born.

If you have regular exercise habit or having sports before pregnancy, continue it and all you have to care is that don’t give your body heavy shocks and knock. Gentle exercises such as swimming, walking and yoga are very beneficial for your pregnancy.

Another exercise which is much beneficial for your pregnancy is pelvic floor exercise. This should start before starting of your pregnancy. This exercise give strength and improves your pelvic floor muscles that supports rectum, vagina and bladder, they get weaker during pregnancy because of extra pressure and also hormones make them little relax.

End your alcohol intake during pregnancy

Alcohol you take during pregnancy quickly reaches to your baby via blood and placenta. Therefore, you must end your alcohol intake to prevent your baby from side effects of alcohol.

It is found in the research that women who drink alcohol regularly during her pregnancy are on great risk of alcohol side effects on her baby, these effects are form fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)  such as learning difficulties with your baby in future to serious birth defects.

No more Smoking and caffeine during pregnancy

Smoking increase your risk of premature delivery, stillbirth, miscarriage and cot death, it also accelerate the chance of having baby with palate and crack lip. It is most important that you give up from smoking in pregnancy ever much better to give up when planning having a baby.

Coffee, cola type beverages are also a problem for pregnancy as researcher observe that high volume of caffeine intake may execute the risk of having low weight of baby on birth or may increase the chance of having miscarriage.

Maintain resting habit during pregnancy

Resting habit during pregnancy is also an important issue. You may feel fatigue on first and third month in your body, at this point your body is saying hold on give me some rest. It is recommended by the healthcare providers that you must have altleast 8 hours of sleep and some rest during day time.

For the first to third month of pregnancy rest is important, it is also recommended that you should not have rest 24 hours a day. This may lead to so complications

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